How to find a reliable estate agent in Spain: 5 important considerations!

Finding a reliable estate agent in Spain can be a challenge, not because there is a lack of estate agents, quite the contrary. Especially as an outsider, it is difficult to know what to look out for. Here are 5 essential considerations when choosing an estate agent in Spain.

  1. API certificate:
    One of the most crucial aspects when looking for a reliable estate agent in Spain is the API (Agente de la Propiedad Inmobiliaria) certification. This indicates that the estate agent is certified after completing a training course and related exams. Awarded by the Ministry of Public Works, Transport and Environment, the title guarantees professionalism and membership of the Association of Estate Agents, which guarantees service.

  2. Response time:
    Pay attention to the estate agent’s response time when you contact them. A quick response is crucial, as a delay may indicate poor communication. This is especially important when buying or selling property, where efficiency is essential.

  3. Positive reviews:
    In addition to the information on the estate agency website, customer reviews are invaluable. Don’t just check the reviews on their own website, but also look at reviews on platforms such as Google for a more objective picture.

  4. Distinctiveness:
    Find out why your estate agent is different from others. What sets them apart? Whether it’s language skills, local market knowledge or specialization in certain property types, find out what makes them unique.

  5. Keeping appointments:
    While mistakes can happen, repeated failure to honour agreements is cause for concern. A pattern of irresponsibility can indicate a lack of reliability.

Extra Tip: Trust your gut. While an estate agent can meet all the technical requirements, it is important that you feel comfortable with the choice. Selling or buying a property is an important decision, so follow not only the facts but also your intuition. If you feel hesitation, consider looking further. After all, it is an emotional journey where you sell your home or find a place to create new memories. Think about it carefully and, above all, follow your gut.


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