Considerations when buying a property in Spain

Making the decision to buy a property in Spain is an important step, regardless of whether it is for permanent residence, holidays, or as an investment. Before taking this step, there are some crucial questions that need to be carefully considered to ensure the decision is well thought out and there are no regrets in the future.

At Sunrisa Real Estate, we understand the importance of a planned and safe purchase. We will guide you through the entire process, provide you with advice and information and offer support through our extensive network of professionals.

Some questions you should ask yourself:

How much am I willing to pay?

Determine your budget so that we can look for a property within an achievable minimum and maximum range. Factors such as location close to the coast or cities and the type of property influence the price.

Second-hand or new construction?

Consider whether you prefer new construction with modern amenities or are open to (renovated) older homes. Consider any additional investments.

What am I looking for (villa, flat, terraced house, bungalow …)?

Compare and consider each type of property. It is important that you feel good about it and don’t have any regrets. Think about your needs and look at the pros and cons.

Where do I start looking?

Determine your preferred location: close to the sea, more inland, near basic services, distance to the city center, etc.

Are there any debts encumbering the property?

Before the purchase, we check the legal condition of the house and verify that it is free of debts such as taxes, rents, mortgages, and municipal charges.

Buying a property is an important decision and at Sunrisa Real Estate, we make sure you get all your questions answered before making the right decision. We work with lawyers and notaries to carefully examine every detail so you can act with confidence.


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